strategic consulting

Strategic Consulting

Helping you make informed decisions.

Sometimes you need the services of a technical business consultant – one or more senior subject matter experts who can help you ask the right questions, make informed decisions, and drive to a strategy that will serve your business needs.

Our consultants are leaders in their fields.

Our strategic consultants have years of specialized experience and are leaders in their fields. These business and technical professionals can help when you need to:

  • Define the future state of your business
  • Determine the most effective architecture for a new initiative
  • Develop a business or technical strategy/roadmap
  • Assess applications that enable business and support new capabilities
  • Determine a data strategy
  • Train your teams in new technology or business practices
  • Manage project and operational risk

The value of a fresh perspective.

We can drop in for an afternoon, a couple of weeks, or a couple of months. To facilitate a whiteboard session with you or your team, conduct an assessment, create a roadmap, provide industry insights, or talk through your goals. We also often provide strategic consulting within the context of our larger engagements, providing a fresh perspective, counsel, and solutions throughout the planning and decision-making processes.

The world’s largest beverage company was experiencing productivity challenges, difficulty in meeting project delivery deadlines, and overruns on project budgets. We provided strategic services that included the development of a PMO Maturity Assessment and a PMO handbook.
A global healthcare provider providers a consistent, timely, and reliable experience implemented a more patient-centric strategy for the storage of all relevant clinical images as part of the patient record. The goal of this project is to give with all patient images from all locations. Our consultants are delivering educational materials and knowledge transfer sessions to project