Employee Testimonials


Chris G.

I joined Analysts in 2013 because of relationships I had with other Analysts leaders who were previous colleagues, the trust established with other solutions group leaders during the interview process, and the opportunities I saw for growth. Analysts is a great place to work because of its people, both the leadership and consulting staff on the ground.

Analysts has consistently recognized both my successes and the success of the consultants on the ground through team events outside the office, holiday parties, and impromptu recognition awards. I see myself with Analysts long-term because of the relationships I have with people I trust.

The greatest benefits of joining Analysts?

  • Working with honest and supportive leaders in a work environment where you can push yourself and the company
    to excel
  • Building lasting relationships as Analysts sustains client and colleague partnerships for many years
  • Having the opportunity to lead teams of talented, intelligent individuals and encourage them to improve their skills

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Delmar W.

I joined Analysts in 2015 because the company gave me an opportunity to use technical and management skills I had gained in a long career in the telecommunications industry. I was somewhat hesitant about getting back into the corporate world again, but Analysts feels more like a small company than a large corporation. I sensed during my interviews that it has a strong team environment. The compensation offered was fair and competitive. The people I interviewed with were great! And the work was certain to be exciting, with new challenges every day.

Analysts is great place to work because of the people. We have the opportunity to use our skills and to be challenged and rewarded. Even if your stay here is short, you’ll learn things that will enhance your future opportunities. I feel comfortable sharing concerns and suggestions with my management. I also like the independence I have in doing my job. This is a great company that will provide you opportunities, challenges, and growth experiences.

Abhi M.

When I joined Analysts in 2015, my team just launched a project with one of the biggest names in the Cloud computing business. I saw a lot of growth potential with Analysts, and in the 10 months since I’ve started, I have received tons of hands-on experience. I am surrounded by people who appreciate hard work and are always ready to help. In addition to this great support from team members and management, I also appreciate the flexibility in communication of ideas and issues. Daily interactions with professionals from different parts of the world give me a sense of cross-cultural diversity that is highly-supported in this organization.

If you are serious and ready for that level of challenge, I would encourage you to join us. Our hard work is recognized and appreciated. Even with high pressure assignments to meet critical deadlines and set technical benchmarks for our clients, we never skip a chance to smile together.

John T.

Analysts is about the people. In 1999, I had been consulting for a few years, and I felt like a commodity. When Analysts recruited me, I told them I had a 5-month commitment with my current contract. They waited for me, and from the day I arrived I felt like an important part of the team. I feel valued for what I do. That is the biggest motivator. Why do I stay?

  • Work-life balance. Extra effort and time is required sometimes. But when my family was hit with a major health concern recently, everyone in the company had my best interests in mind and supported me when I really needed it.
  • Community. Analysts is a far flung group of talent, but the connection among the team is astounding. I collaborate with people from Hawaii to Scotland to Belarus. Once there was a person who was snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, and then spent her evening fixing a search problem.
  • Opportunity. I can explore new technologies all the time. In my many years with the company, I have never felt as if my skills were lacking because I always have had the opportunity to learn and grow. I started as a client/server developer in 1999 and have since had the opportunity to work on all kinds of projects from mobile to web applications of all kinds – even some embedded C++ for one project.
  • Respect. The type of person who is typically attracted to Analysts is collaborative by nature, and this collaborative culture has grown and matured. Personal responsibility is exhibited so often that blame is rarely tossed about. This atmosphere of respect allows me to be creative and productive without the fear sometimes associated with consulting.
If you like what you do and like to learn, this is the place to be. There are a lot of technical jobs out there, but you will leave this one better than you were when you arrived.

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Santhosh G.

Analysts is a very well-known company in Minnesota that has a great reputation. The main reasons I joined the company in 2010 were: opportunities for career growth, longevity, and work-life balance. The projects are challenging with scope to learn and implement new things. I have always received recognition for my work, and there is a focus on motivating employees for successful project implementations. It has been a great experience working for Analysts all these years, and I am excited for the future.

Jim K.

I joined Analysts in January 2009. At the time, a number of colleagues were Analysts employees, and I was interested in continuing to collaborate with them. I was also drawn to the wide variety of challenging project opportunities. At Analysts, there is a substantial backlog of work to be accomplished. It’s a dynamic, fast-paced work environment.

I provided training on specific project-related technologies like MultiVue and Web Methods. I am also given the opportunity to learn new technologies on my own. I especially like the collaboration between skilled IT practitioners when we work together on active projects.

I have seen a lot of growth in the depth and breadth of responsibilities in my career while at Analysts, and I envision continued growth in the years to come.

Steve S.

I joined Analysts in 2000. Working at Analysts has provided me with the flexibility I needed to raise two sons as a single father. I had the ability to attend their school and personal activities while working on projects. Now that my children are grown, I still have flexibility in completing tasks during the day. Working from home saves me time and money from commuting and allows me to work during off hours when a project deadline or personal appointment requires it.

Each project is new and usually involves a new team or at least a new team member or two. I have worked in several other companies, but the team members at Analysts have been the best. I consider many of my co-workers to be friends even if I’ve never met them in person.

Each one is willing to go out of their way to help when needed. I look forward to traveling to client sites because it usually involves meeting up with a colleague or two.

Variety is a huge benefit. When I started, I was a developer. Analysts has given me the opportunity to expand beyond that role into BA and PM with the responsibilities for each expanding as time passes. I have had the opportunity to play one, two, or even all three roles on particular projects, which keeps the job fresh and challenging. I’ve never been driven to seek promotions into management, so this type of growth has been very appealing to me. Analysts does not micro-manage. They set expectations and manage according to those expectations. If there are obstacles to doing this, bring attention to it as soon as possible. Allow management and others to help get the job on track because they will help. I don’t think you can expect a better methodology. I have been fortunate to work on teams that delivered some awesome products and have participated in the praise for it. Just recently one of my projects won a national award, and the management team made sure everybody in the company knew about it and who worked on it.

Analysts pays me a good wage, (and surprises me with bonuses from time to time), provides me with great co-workers and a supportive management staff, and allows me to telecommute. With these benefits, I have never looked to change my employment since I joined the company.

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Casey T.

I joined Analysts in 2015 because of the many unique projects available. You can try something new, or stay with what you like. And working from home helps a lot; having no commute is a huge plus. I work with very knowledgeable people every day. My co-workers are friendly and are fun to learn from. I can get help anytime I need it, and I am growing a great backbone on a lot of enterprise software skills.